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From 01/07/2012, Service Tax is payable on all the services except negative list of services and services exempted as per mega notifications for exemption. For that we have to properly find out the taxability, exemption, abatement etc. for the services provided by our clients under the new amendments. For further details you can also refer our latest updates.
Initially, there were 129 Taxable Services. Upto 30/06/2012. On that time also classification of proper head of Taxable Service was very important. In past and now also each Taxable Service is having its own exemptions, Abatements, limitations etc. For e.g. Abatement 75% is available for Construction Service, 60% to Tour Operator, 90% for Package Tours with Accommodation, etc. Therefore improper classification of service, may lead to excess Service Tax Payment or lesser Tax Payment. Which results in interest penalties or Refund of Service Tax ? We can guide the matter in the beginning of Registration Point. Old list of Taxable Services along with their service code and accounting code can be viewed in Forms Download Section. Now also, we have to properly find out and guide from the negative list and mega notification of exemption that your services are really subject to tax liability or tax exemption. We can guide properly by looking the latest amendments upto the end of year 2016 and updates.

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