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Online Service Tax Registration is Compulsory. By verifying the proper applicable Service, we guide our client to get registration in the appropriate Services, after going through the Negative List of Services, Mega Notifications For Exemption Of Services, Declared Services, Partially / Fully Reverse Charge Mechanism, Place Of Provision Of Services and such new amendment of Service Tax Law from 01/07/2012 and the latest amendments up to the end of year 2016 and updates. Depending on the nature of organization, H.O. and their branches (if any), we advise in Single or Centralized Registration. We also guide on Service Tax Registration of "Input Service Distributor". Normally, application for Registration shall be made within 30 days from the date on which the service tax is levied. For past period, late registration without reasonable cause is liable for penalty of Rs.10,000 OR Rs.200 per day for the default, whichever is higher. But now as per amended Finance Act 2013, the penalty for the default has been restricted to Rs.10,000/- So timely proper compliance saves you from the penalties.

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